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Developing Sunset

Developing Sunset is an exhibition by Scotty So, exploring the dream of property ownership and its commodification within the realms of property development and the real estate industry. Through a collection of works created from 2019 to the present, So presents his perspective on starting a new life in an Australian suburb and the longing for a place to call home. Inspired by the Netflix series "Selling Sunset" and his experience growing up in Hong Kong, where property ownership signifies success, the exhibition delves into the visual language and texts used in real estate advertisements. Through paintings depicting real estate agents, real estate photography images of his own home, and reinterpreted construction site signs, Developing Sunset examines the seductive power of real estate advertisements and the complexities of personal identity in relation to the concept of home. So reimagines the promises made by developers and prompts a re-evaluation of the notions of success and fulfillment tied to property ownership. Scotty

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