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Artist Interpretation of A Prosper Living Life

M Pavilion Parkville, Melbourne

May 07 - May 09, 2023

Through a nuanced interplay of rendered images, this installation navigates the utopian allure of luxurious living spaces and flourishing communities within the context of contemporary housing challenges.

The double-sided banner presents an AI-generated image of a modern interior, using AI expanding solely from the iconic Windows XP desktop wallpaper on one side, juxtaposed on the other side with an architecturally rendered sunset view locating by a lake in the Devonian era when the stem-tetrapods began its adaptation to land life– symbolising the profound dichotomy inherent in housing ideals and the absurdity of private property ownership.

Attached to temporary fencing, reminiscent of those employed in housing development concealment, the piece prompts viewers to question the longevity of aspirational imagery when confronted with the deconstruction of facades.

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